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Not your Average Family

Our Journey has been far from normal, and its far from over! Follow us as we build a multi-million dollar cat skiing operation and raise our daughters, the Powder Princesses.

The Penney Family Sept 2019 at Fernie Alpine Resort

Our Dreams are big and our determination to get there is even greater. We have challenged the norms and lived differently than most to make our dreams come true!

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Our Story

To say the least, we have lived a very unconventional life as a young family. When most are concerned about finding a career and mortgage that fits, we have been breaking that mold and telling a different tale. In the last 8 years, we have moved 12 times, between 4 provinces and 9 cities in search of a lifestyle and place that fits our unique desires and ambition.

Taken at Mustang Powder Lodge, 2015

The dream of cat skiing began in the year 2015 when we were living in beautiful Revelstoke, BC and Kerry was hired by Mustang Powder to do some carpentry work. He fell in love with the remote lodge, the snowcats, the experience of being up in the mountains, secluded from the hustle and bustle of the modern day. Kerry became fascinated with maps and began seeking out a way to create this lifestyle for his family.

Taking the Galena Bay Ferry on their way to Idaho, 2017

The Penney’s began researching the land tenure acquisition process, and initially began writing a strategy for a mountain range in Northern BC. They came across the Highland Powder Skiing (HPS) tenure, and recognizing this business was no longer active, decided to make some phone calls. Fast forward a few weeks later, Kerry and Cassandra were sitting in Idaho with the majority owner of HPS, discussing arrangements for this business.

Exploring the HPS tenure, April 2019

The Penney’s became the owners of HPS in October 2018. They extensively updated the management plan, bringing it up to date, adding a lodge site and develop more road infrastructure throughout the tenure. Despite copious amount of due diligence and research, in August 2019 the tenure was under review and huge concern came up because of critically endangered caribou values within the tenure boundary, identified by GPS collar data.

Cassandra and Claire, Fernie Alpine Resort Jan 2020

This was the beginning of the end. We tried so many tactics and strategies to keep the tenure, to relocate it, to change the activity… but nothing worked. for us as a family and as entrepreneurs. We lost our dream we were so close to living, the business attached and all auxiliary components, including our construction business, our rental house and vehicles. We were sitting in a campsite with our things in storage, literally not knowing what was coming next – even for housing. We moved to Fernie in Sept 2019 to ski, regroup and come up with a new game plan. Our winter was full of major reconciliation and growth.

We chose to stay on the path to cat skiing, despite the loss, heartache, confusion, financial ruins and uncertainty we faced. This time we had to be more calculated and resourceful, yet more out there than ever before. We created a new tenure boundary, began the due diligence process with government, and contacted our good friend and mentor, Nick Holmes-Smith. Nick was largely involved with helping us develop the HPS strategy, and as the owner of Mustang Powder and founder of Monashee Powder Snowcats, the knowledge, value and integrity he brings is absolutely phenomenal.

Nick and Cassandra heli-skiing Powder Renegade, May 2020

Having Nick believing in us is equivalent to Wayne Gretzky believing in a young hockey player. I am still enamoured by the encouragement, dedication and contributions this man has shared with us throughout our process. Kerry, Nick and I explored the new tenure by snowmobile, Cessna plane trips and helicopter flights. We did some skiing, research and development, and enjoyed our families shared passion of cat skiing.

Powder Renegade Lodge is coming to fruition, through our hard work, dedication and commitment to living our Powder Dream! The Penney’s are going cat skiing.

Highlights Through the Years

We are always looking for adventure and opportunities!

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