The Powder Princesses

Meet Claire and Julia

The Penney Sisters

Their Journey

Life can take you on some pretty incredible journeys. These two have seen and done A LOT for their age. Since Claire was born in 2014, we have moved 11 times, to 9 different cities and have explored our beautiful country (and others!). Change is something they are not afraid of!

Skiing is Life

To be a Powder Princess, you have to know your way around the hill. They both started skiing before the age of 2 – which must say something about the places they are going!

Sisters and Besties

Like all siblings, we have moments of best friends turned to battle over things like candy, toys and parental affection.

The bond these 2 have being sisters on the move with entrepreneur parents is something truly special. Knowing as long as we are together we are home is a key component to our life and lessons learned along the way!

Check Out The Powder Princess YouTube Channel -> CLICK HERE

North Country’s End and The Rise of Renegade

For the first time in history, a tenure in the southern B.C interior has been cancelled directly related to the protection of critical habitat for Southern Mountain Caribou. Despite the loss, uncertainty and hardship faced – the family behind the business is committed to achieving their Powder Dreams. For several decades the Southern Mountain CaribouContinue reading “North Country’s End and The Rise of Renegade”

The 90 Day Year

Let’s talk about the 90 day year. Yes, you read that correctly. We all know a year has 365 days, but SO many things can change in that year that can affect multiple factors with respect to reaching your goals. Life happens! Your motivation and potential can be shifted based on personal circumstances, pressure, knowledge,Continue reading “The 90 Day Year”

Fail Forward

Failing forward is when you are forced to self evaluate and determine whether or not you want to continue on this dream. It is a phase where you can 360 change you life, identity, and hop on a new path to a new destination, or you can stay on the dream despite the failure encountered.

Hugs on the Ski Hill

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