Powder Dreams TV Show


Cat Skiing is a widely kept secret that deserves televised exposure. BC’s Southern Interior has the most operations in the world, and only so many exist.

This is an opportunity to film and document the entire process of acquiring a land tenure, building a multi-million dollar off-grid lodge and creating a cat skiing business – from raw land and incredible determination by one unique family and a great mentor.

Powder Dreams represents a character-driven renewable series where the characters are authentic and the stakes are high and very real. The characters are self-made with a passion for their work and the guts to live life on their own terms. 

This show offers content about people taking a big risk in pursuit of their dream. It will be comparable to shows like Island of Bryan, Gold Rush, Highway Thru Hell, Jade Fever, Cold Water Cowboys, Heavy Rescue 401.

Content to Showcase


The lodge will be located at 6400 feet elevation in a remote location, and is snowbound October – May. This leaves 4 months each summer leading up to operation in December 2022.

Additional to the lodge, ski run and road development must occur, along with lodge services and liaison agreements.

There is a lot of equipment, logistics, delivering building materials, and organizing.


This show will be filmed in the beautiful BC mountains, showing the world how incredible it is.

There are many components to starting this business that proposes exciting and show worthy content for viewers. This includes securing the land tenure, snow road and ski run development, purchasing snow cats and equipment, along with delivering them to the tenure.

We will be working with First Nations, forestry and other public users and hiring qualified staff with backgrounds and epic tales to tell.


The Penney family will be the centre of the show as they build their business, lodge and raise their young daughters.

The family focus on the show depicts that you CAN live your dream, although much has to be sacrificed along the way. Watch as the Penney’s continue striving forward!

Filming Ideas

  • Off-Grid Multi-Million Dollar Lodge Construction
  • Helicopter Exploration and Access
  • Land Exploration and Research Projects for ATC
  • Crown Land License Acquisition Process
  • Business Development
  • Family and Personal Growth
  • Powder Skiing
  • A young Canadian family pursing the Canadian Dream

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Powder Skiing”


Cast & Crew

The show will feature experts in business ownership and development. Here are cast members that will play a main role in the business development and show.

The Penney Family

The Penney’s will be an integral part of the show. Their journey so far, moving into the future will be the centre stage for demonstrating that a young family CAN create their own dream.

Cassandra and Kerry are the owners and overall project and show leaders. They will be very involved throughout all aspects of the creation and development of the show and series that can follow. Their daughters Claire and Julia will also form an integral role of growing up in the back country as small children.

Nick Holmes-Smith

Nick’s has played a fundamental role in the development of Powder Renegade. His experience and knowledge, coupled with his passion for developing cat skiing businesses demonstrates the success that is possible – he is living proof that the dream exists.

Nick will remain involved throughout the development of Powder Renegade as a mentor and advisor. He is the owner of Mustang Powder, and shares the Penney’s passion for Crown land tenure and business development.

Derek Robinson

Derek is the pilot for Powder Renegade. He will be responsible for transporting guests between the lodge and Kelowna. His fun personality and incredible flying skills create the perfect atmosphere for guests and viewers to enjoy their experience.

He is the owner of Eclipse Helicopters, based out of Penticton, BC.

Kevin Sinclair

Kevin is the lead hand for building the Renegade Lodge. He works with the Penney’s in Kelowna as well with their construction projects in Kelowna. Kevin will be working closely with the Penney’s and will be responsible to oversee the build and/or the projects in Kelowna.

Dan Tait

Dan Tait will be the guest experience & programming expert, as well as the snow host for Powder Renegade. His passion for hosting people has been demonstrated through his dedication and love for the music industry. He is Cassandra’s cousin, and wants to build this family business into a success story.

He has run a number of successful rock & folk bands (www.kentuckyeileen.com) and took one on a tour of North America. He’s performed in over 300 rooms across Canada, and ran four consecutive years of 150 shows per year with one act; Tiger Moon.

Featured Content and Inspiration

  • North Country’s End and The Rise of Renegade
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  • The 90 Day Year
    Let’s talk about the 90 day year. Yes, you read that correctly. We all know a year has 365 days, but SO many things can change in that year that can affect multiple factors with respect to reaching your goals.Continue reading “The 90 Day Year”
  • Fail Forward
    Failing forward is when you are forced to self evaluate and determine whether or not you want to continue on this dream. It is a phase where you can 360 change you life, identity, and hop on a new path to a new destination, or you can stay on the dream despite the failure encountered.
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