North Country Snowcats

The First Taste of Success


A Short Lived Victory

The Penney’s purchased their first tenure, Highland Powder Skiing, from the founder and his partners in October 2018, rebranding it to North Country Snowcats. The land tenure encompassed 17,000 acres and had potential to be one of the best cat skiing operations in the industry.

The business had not operated in almost a decade, overlapped with CMH Galena Bay, and was partially encompassed with critical caribou habitat. They knew there would be obstacles – but they were determined to face the challenges head on. The Penney’s worked long and hard to bring the business to life, and the final result is nothing that anyone expected.

Terrain Shots!

Gorgeous terrain from North Country Snowcats

Summer Views

Situated across the range from Goat Range Provincial Park, this stunning summer vista demonstrates the grandeur of the views. Elevated at 5700 feet up an existing logging road, this was a prime location for access, seclusion and vistas galore.

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