Powder Dreams


Capturing our family as we challenge the norms of society and risk it all again in pursuit of our Canadian Dream. Call us crazy, everyone else does!

Meet the Penney’s

Kerry, Cassandra, Claire and Julia are embarking on the journey of a lifetime! They are building a remote backcountry lodge outside of Kelowna, British Columbia and developing a multi-million dollar cat ski operation. As a young entrepreneurial family, the odds are against them. Despite setbacks and challenges faced, they continue to find strength in pursuit of their powder dream.

The Goal

Inspired by arguably the best cat skiing in the world – Mustang Powder

Watch the Penney family as they build a remote, off-grid lodge, secluded on a beautiful BC mountain top. Stay tuned as the business develops and grows into operation, skiing untracked powder while making amazing memories, as they raise their daughters.

Watch the Penney’s build Powder Renegade – The Newest Cat Skiing Operation in the Monashee Mountains.

Under Application and Review by the Ministry of Forestry, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Projected Build Start – Spring 2022 * Projected Opening Season – Winter 2023/24

Raising the Powder Princesses

The Penney sisters both starting skiing before the age of 2! These little shredders have a big appetite for life and adventure. Follow their journey!


The Penney’s are committed to helping others who share the passion for the great outdoors – commercial recreation style. ATC develops management plans and business strategies related to adventure tourism. Services include detailed analysis reports, strategy, mapping and a partner when approaching Crown land interest holders.

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North Country’s End and The Rise of Renegade

For the first time in history, a tenure in the southern B.C interior has been cancelled directly related to the protection of critical habitat for Southern Mountain Caribou. Despite the loss, uncertainty and hardship faced – the family behind the business is committed to achieving their Powder Dreams. For several decades the Southern Mountain CaribouContinue reading “North Country’s End and The Rise of Renegade”

The 90 Day Year

Let’s talk about the 90 day year. Yes, you read that correctly. We all know a year has 365 days, but SO many things can change in that year that can affect multiple factors with respect to reaching your goals. Life happens! Your motivation and potential can be shifted based on personal circumstances, pressure, knowledge,Continue reading “The 90 Day Year”

Fail Forward

Failing forward is when you are forced to self evaluate and determine whether or not you want to continue on this dream. It is a phase where you can 360 change you life, identity, and hop on a new path to a new destination, or you can stay on the dream despite the failure encountered.

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